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Schedule of Events

July 8, 2023 | 12-9pm | Parc Vinet, Little Burgundy

Montreal’s Spiciest Caribbean Festival at Vinet Park

On Saturday, July 8, get ready for Montreal’s spiciest Caribbean Festival!  The Spice Island Cultural Festival is ready to hit Montreal at Vinet Park,  Little Burgundy in downtown Montreal.

Celebrating Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique being named the first World Culinary Capital by the World Food & Travel Association (WFTA), Grenada’s Executive Chef Belinda Bishop brings her team to Montreal to cook for you.  You love to eat, we got the chefs!

Live Music & Gourmet Food!

The stage is set for a cultural extravaganza. Local and international artists are poised to entertain the crowd, providing a true taste of Grenadian music and dance. Soca sensation Lednek and renowned calypsonian Squeezie will grace the stage, bringing the infectious rhythms of Grenada to Montreal.

Joining them will be beloved local artists, including the witty and irreverent Calypsonian, Doggies (AKA Byron Cameron, president of SICDAQ), the energetic West Can Dancers, the melodious Caribbean Voices, a children’s corner with face painting, ice cream and ‘bouncy castles’, and much more.

The 2023 Spice Island Festival Event Info


Eager vendors are ready to satisfy the hunger pangs of festivalgoers, showcasing the culinary delights that had earned Grenada the esteemed title of a World Culinary Capital, as per the World Food Travel Association — the first Caribbean country to achieve such a distinction.


Chef Belinda Bishop

In Grenada, Chef Bishop has become a dedicated pioneer in promoting healthy culinary habits and is regarded as a master trainer developing Food & Beverage professionals, including the original staff at Sandals Grenada. She is considered one of the most dynamic and creative chefs in the country.


Chef Belinda Bishop, CEO and Founder – Flavours of Grenada

Fondly called Chef Belinda, Belinda Bishop is the personification of the very best of the Americas – a     representation of the celebrated fusion of the United  States and the Caribbean that captivates international foodies and cuisine lovers around the world. Born to Aruban and Grenadian parents, Chef Belinda’s own childhood is a true testament to having lived a multicultural lifestyle, experiencing cultural melting pots as an International New Yorker and Caribbean daughter.


With a global point of view and influenced by her environment, Chef  Bishop set in motion to revolutionize the culinary industry with her own signature fusion of ingredients, incorporating traditional stories with flavourful elements from countries across the Caribbean Sea. Her achievements internationally include managing five restaurants and banquet halls as Sous Chef at Marriott Hotels in New York, Florida,  and Atlanta;  cooking for renowned celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Don King, Iman, David Bowie, and several other celebrities in her role as   Chef de Cuisine at Trump’s Plaza Hotels, Edwardian Room; as well as cooking for ambassadors, heads of state and former American President Bill Clinton at the United Nations Diplomatic Dining Room in New York City. Her dynamism and positive energy have given  way  to  formidable  partnerships  with key influencers, such as Ambassador at Large for Belize, Attallah Shabazz, daughter of civil rights activist   Malcolm X and Alexander Smalls, award-winning Chef, Author, and Restaurateur. 


Regarded as a  master trainer developing food  &  beverage professionals,  including the original staff at  Sandals  Grenada and the  Pure  Grenada  National  Culinary  Team, she is the Director of the Grenada  Culinary and  Mixology  Federation where she provides resources and opportunities for budding chefs, mixologists and the founder of   Grenada’s premier food festival the Flavours of Grenada™ that promotes various gastronomical farm-to-table experiences. She owns and operates her own personal chef services company, “Flavours for  Life” where she features healthy cuisine & wellness lifestyles through the utilization and preparation of sustainable local agriculture. She is considered one of the most dynamic and creative chefs in the country and inspires 100’s of future chefs across the globe. Her remarkable contemporary reinventions of traditional Caribbean and Latin American dishes are all about showcasing the great flavours of the islands in ways that harmonise with the fresh, local, artisanal ingredients available in the eastern   Caribbean to create the contemporary Grenadian Cuisine.


Meet the Chef:

Come meet Chef Belinda on July 9 at the Spice Island Cultural Festival in Montreal, Canada when she will demonstrate some of her fine Grenadian cuisines for the massive festival goers. 



Chef J.W. Anthony Mair 


In 2012, Chef J.W. Anthony Mair and team brought stakeholders and culinary fans together to form the Caribbean Culinary Network (CCN) and build a grassroots movement that would “see food differently.” Now its co-brand, the Grenada Culinary Network (GCN), is doing the same for Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique. In 2021, the World Food and Travel Association recognized the tri-island spice producer as the world’s first Culinary Capital. It’s an award that has great implications for Grenada, says Mair, CEO of the GCN. The accolade has paved the path for GCN’s first initiative. Grenada-Licious! A Cookbook Celebrating a Culinary Capital is set to launch in 2023 with proceeds going to support emerging culinary students from the Spice Isle.


  1. What’s the significance of the WFTA award?

Mair: This award was given by an international body therefore allowing the world to focus in on Grenada and its offerings regarding culinary tourism.

I believe that it has to be taken very seriously by the entire island. So not just hotels, but culinary schools and fishers and farmers and tour operators. Anybody that has anything to do with tourism on the island will and should benefit from winning this award and not just for today and tomorrow. If orchestrated in the right way, this can be a significant movement.


  1. You have said that the cookbook is just the beginning of the five-year plan that shines a spotlight on Grenada. What do you mean?

Mair: Recognizing that we’re just coming through a world pandemic, we are at, what I consider, a restart for tourism. The scaling of this opportunity – for it to manifest to its fullest – I believe will take a strategic, focused five-year initiative.


  1. What is the connection between the cookbook and the GCN culinary exchange program?

Mair: Through our partnerships we see there are budding culinary students on the island of Grenada that we feel would aid in the development of new initiatives here in Ontario, Muskoka.

We’re now in the process of engaging these culinary students to participate in a 12 to 24-month stage at our properties in Muskoka. Profit from the sale of the cookbook will aid in supporting their experiences. This is again in the five-year plan. 

We see that by engaging these culinary and hospitality students at this stage we have an opportunity to build a program where have a hand in training them. And once they are back on the island and running their own businesses and contributing to society in healthful, meaningful ways, they will be Grenada’s ambassadors. 


  1. Your recipe to show your love for Grenada is a Green Banana Plantain Sweet Potato Bread. Why?

My Mama introduced me to provisions saying they’re jewels and gifts from our Creator, and they’re here be used.

I found a way of introducing them because we always have the leftover piece of plantain, and we always had leftover green banana. So one day I smashed all three of them together and turned it into bread and it was delicious. So here we are celebrating Grenada from our provisions and turning it into something wholesome, nutritional, and beneficial.


  1. What’s the best way to enjoy this recipe?

Offer it with love to people that you care about and want to share with. This is a unique recipe with many flavour offerings. Enjoy it by itself, with jam, with butter, or honey.

Lennox Antoine

Born in Woodland, St. George’s Grenada, he attended the Grenada Boys Secondary School Lennox migrated to Canada in 1990 Upon completion of both High school and College he immediately knew he wanted to be a business owner. His passion for cooking started at young age whilst growing up with his Grandmother. As the years passed he crafted his skills by cooking family and friends. On April 9th 2005 he started his Own restaurant . What is known as ISLAND FLAVA a 5 times Faces Magazine BEST CARIBBEAN RESTAURANT award winner along with many other Ottawa best Caribbean restaurant awards. Chef Antoine is a regular on CTV Ottawa Morning Live showcasing many of his Caribbean treats and drinks. As a Chef and owner he personally makes all of the meals that is served at his restaurant. His mission is to always continue serving freshly made meals that’s never frozen. Island Flava would be Celebrating 15 Years next year and plans are already started for huge Celebration. ISLAND FLAVA is located at 409 Dalhousie st Ottawa Ontario Www.islandflava.ca

Leo Charles Bio


Coming to Canada at the age of 19, Leon (Leo) Charles was destined to be a successful businessman. 

Many people would know the young man distributing meat to restaurants and residences while making his mark as an Entrepreneur. As a former Chef, Mr. Charles is now right where he wants to be. “I have done every job in a restaurant, from dishwasher to chef, owning my own restaurant is a dream come true”, he states. 

Having a passion for cooking and with his extensive restaurant experience, Chef Leo feels he has the winning combination. The beautiful restaurant which opened on July 30, 2017 can accommodate 95 patrons, including a private booth seating 24. Greenz is a popular spot for birthday parties, small weddings, anniversaries, engagements and a Friday Night Lime. “A place of our own” as Chef Leo calls it.

Mr. Charles hails from Grenada, West Indies, hence the name of the restaurant “GREENZ”, a popular nickname for what Grenadians call Grenada. On the menu one can enjoy chicken wings, grilled chicken, fried calamari, jerk chicken, a signature pull pork sandwich, Caribbean oxtail poutine, fish dishes, a variety of soups and much more. Of course, Greenz serves up the local Grenadian dishes such as Oil Down and Souse on Saturdays, and a Caribbean breakfast every Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Offering gourmet coffees, teas and some serious hand-made Caribbean local drinks and desserts, the casual concept of the restaurant lends itself to a very pleasant dining experience. Due to the present pandemic, there is only take-out service, but Chef Leo is anticipating a return to a full service in the near future.

On Saturday, July 10, at the Spice Island Cultural Festival, Chef Leo will be showcasing his Crab and Callaloo soup, a Grenadian favorite. He invites everyone when in Montreal to join him at his Restaurant located at 395 St. Jacques Street in Lachine. For reservations and booking call 438-387-1336.

Karim Toney Doyle

Embrace every opportunity, fulfill your responsibilities with no excuses

Karim Doyle grew up LaFortune St. Patrick’s Grenada WI. He is the 8th of 16 children born of Anestasia Roberts and Kenneth Doyle. He attended the McDonald College where he graduated with 8 CXCs. Following high school, he completed two associates degrees at the T.A MarryShow Community College in the are of General Science and Culinary Arts and a certificate in Cooking at the Nova Scotia Community College Lunenburg. Throughout his career Karim has worked at several restaurants and hotels including Glovers Bristo, Digbypines Golf Resort and Spa and the Silversands hotel in the areas of Pastry, Cuisine and Human Resources. Currently Karim is the Food, Nutrition and Health teacher at the Boca Secondary School and a student at the St. George’s University Majoring in International Business, Tourism and Hospitality Management and minoring in Finance.

Karim has a strong Entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to be a successful business owner in the service and Hospitality industry, starting small businesses such as Trumazi services, Toney’s meal prep and grocery shopping services, and Bridge Internships.

He enjoys dancing, research, watching anime and most of all being in the kitchen. Karim started cooking at a very young age at home for his family or some times in discarded milk cans along with brother for fun. He has always shown  a great aptitude for food with his main focus being on pastry. He believes highly in taking hold of every opportunity as they come and do the best that you can, with no excuses.

Karim entered into  the Young Chef Young Mixologist competition as a means of exploring new opportunities; being  someone that doesn’t consume alcohol, he entered with hopes of learning as much as he can from the master classes being offered about mixing drinks. Participating in both divisions he managed to place first in the young chef category and not placing in the mixology category.

Sous-chef from Grenada – Chef Miguel Paul Mitchell


January 5, 2022

Montreal, Quebec, January 2022 — The Spice Island Cultural Day Association of Quebec (SICDAQ) is proud to announce the theme “GRENADA-LICIOUS” for the upcoming 5th annual Spice Island Cultural Festival.

Review of the Spice Island Cultural Festival 2021


The 2021 Spice Island Cultural Festival, “A Celebration of Life” held virtually on July 10, 2021, was the largest virtual Festival held by the Spice Island Cultural Day Association of Quebec.